Intellect Equals Cockiness?

Sometimes, a man just needs to be left alone with his intelligence to keep from being labeled cocky.

I didn’t know it was a sin to enjoy your own intelligence. So I can enjoy my own sexual pleasure, but not any pleasure that I receive from thinking and communicating because someone has an inferiority complex? Everyone is created differently. Some people need to create music to be happy. Some people need to make people laugh to be happy, or to teach, or to write poetry. Some people need to play sports to be happy. There is a libertarian theme here: everyone is a different individual with different needs. I will not discuss a particular hypocrisy except to say that “Treat others as you want to be treated. So take all of their stuff, ignore people’s individual talents and envy them, no one has the right to tell you how to live, but you have the right to tell others how to live, it’s bad for you to be poor but good for us to make rich people poor, it’s ok for you to want to be rich but bad for rich people to want to be rich.” Nobody really cares anymore about the very things they rationalize their actions with.

Thank God that there is a perfectly holy and sovereign being over all of this. So we need to cap the amount of money that people have, give everyone the same chance to the same amount of money, and if they blow it, we are going to take money from people that were smart with it to these people that blow it and then, they are going to blow it again. We are just going to continue this cycle of dependency by “helping out” these people by giving them money to buy their drugs with (people sell their food stamps for drugs: so much for the world being against you, huh?) then we pay taxes to arrest them for their drug addictions “for their own good” as well. Recidivism rates and just the simple fact that some people are content with drugs and don’t give a damn what you think about them are never going to solve this “drug problem” and it is only going to punish productive people. I didn’t realize that if I create a technological innovation that people love that it is somehow evil to be rewarded for that, especially from other people’s own decisions. I guess I need to do all of this work and accept no money for it. Hey, that means I’m poor! Now I can get some other sucker to pay for my food stamps! Fuck productivity! No one eats off of that anymore! I want the government to do everything for me! I WANT THEM TO OWN MY LIFE, AND THEREFORE, MY DEATH.

What a sad, sad conclusion.

I will not stand for it, and neither will countless others.

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92 thoughts on “Intellect Equals Cockiness?

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