Highly Sensitive Mind

What does it mean to have a highly sensitive mind? It means you receive more information in the form of stimuli than your average person. It means that you come up with more conclusions than your average person because you are calculating seemingly endless pieces of information. It means you are more aware of everything.

You try to factor in every little piece of information, even the lies and trivial information, because you want answers, and you are unbiased. The answers you are looking for are so big on the grand scale of life that when you first think of it, it is so small, but you know it will be bigger. It requires much more information to reach a conclusion.

It means that you piece everything together, and forgetting it is so detrimental because you love solving problems that badly. You have so many questions. You look everywhere for answers, including the minds of the ignorant, apathetic, and evil. You are always attacked: always misunderstood. Little do they realize that their desire to understand you is the same desire that you have to understand everything.

They hold you back, just as they themselves are held back.

You must excel. You must succeed.

The stupid will dumb you down.

The mean will destroy you.

The envious will confuse you.

You will be saddened by the fact that you will truly be stupider than some others, mean to some others, and envious of some others. It is impossible to stop, so you sympathize with your enemies. But you have no choice but to condemn their actions.

You are going to be called prideful.

Your sensitive mind is hurt by this: so badly that you think it is wrong to be smart.

But you hide your intelligence.

Every little thing will fuel the fire, and you will always be called prideful.

Are you?

You do not feel that way.

This is how attractive people feel.

We are all quick to destroy.

We probably have nothing to fear.

What if a smart or hot person is prideful?

What is the harm done?

We merely move on.

It is not the end of the world.

But religious conservatives preach it as such.

This is the problem: another variable considered to be calculated in the highly sensitive mind.

June 13, 2013.

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