Women (reader discretion is advised)

My feelings are torn
When it comes to women
I have no choice
But to give in

Their beauty
Their ways
Everything about them
Occupies my mind for days

They have their drawbacks
And their setbacks, too
Like how quickly they say “I love you
And I wanna marry you, too”

This causes me to run away
And I cannot stay
No matter what you say
Behind my back: it doesn’t matter anyway

But I’ll be back
A helpless victim of your beauty and charm
I can only hope and wish
That you do me no harm

Life would be easier without you
But nowhere near as fun
These crazy emotions, someday
I hope will be done

But I will always love your beauty
Always be under your spell
No matter how many times
You put me through hell

My body betrays me
And so does my mind
When I see a pretty girl
And her big round behind

I can’t complain
I love what I see
I just can’t stand
What you do to me

I don’t want relief from you
At least not yet
We will have to see
Just how far we will get

I need some relief!
I need to release!
You don’t understand the tension
That ways in my testes

Oh dear God,
Please let her be the one!
I can’t take it any longer!
Please let her help me cum!

Oh God, that was perfect
I wish it would last
You have that question, too?
Did it happen too fast?

Did you like it? Are we okay?
Did I make you feel the same way
As you did me, as you pushed me over the edge
I thank you for it. I do not know if I will push you over the ledge

Of my bed, because you see
I think I want other women that want me
This isn’t love: ’tis only release
I hope that you came with as quickly an ease

As I did, while you were squeezing my dick
O, the ejaculation was quick!
You are lucky: you shouldn’t be embarrassed
If YOU cum quickly: but then again you get harassed

I don’t know what you want
I don’t know if I can give it to you
Women are SO complicated,
But OH so beautiful

Women are confusing
Thank God I’m a man
If I can never find one
At least I’ll use my hand

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46 thoughts on “Women (reader discretion is advised)

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  42. Melvina Germain

    I have mixed emotions here and can feel insulted but rather I also see a sense of power and so I’ll leave it at that, and let all those other feelings fade. Certainly this poem generates a whirlpool of emotions. It’s very strong with its impact and definitely adds more and more flame to the fire. I’m glad I realize we are much more than flesh stations of release for the male gender. Excellent poem…..


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