The Link Between Bad Advice and Morality

Almost all bad advice is based on some sense of “morality.”

It is advice because it is well-intentioned, and it is about morality.

Always trying to do the right thing as far as what you say, what you do, how to treat others all to get into Heaven is stupid. Examining yourself to see whether or not you are a “good person” doesn’t work because we are all sinners. Even if we want to do something good, we will fail eventually. Even though we are terrified of Hell, we will always sin and one sin is justification for Hell. I know that a lot of people hate to hear that because religion has used that to attack people, so I understand their bitterness. But all of this examining, working, and all of these other things that free willers say will get you into Heaven will not get you into Heaven. If you are going to Heaven, there’s no way to not go to Heaven, and who goes to Heaven is God’s decision, regardless of our actions. That is the point of Christ’s forgiveness, you know. The Bible talks a lot about “the elect.” This is a difficult subject for anyone because I don’t want anyone to go to Hell (even though I, like every other person on the planet, eventually does tell someone to “go to Hell”), but I know that people will go to Hell. This is very tough because the only way to get into Heaven is if God decides to save you. Why God chooses what He does is a mystery and that’s one question that I do not particularly want to spend my time looking for the answer for because I do not think that I will be able to understand it on this Earth. Perhaps that’s why the final chapter of the Bible is “Revelation.” But all I know is that common sense “wisdom” about “morality” is dead wrong.

Think about all of the advice you’ve heard your whole life, about “doing the right thing.” Then think about how commandment based it is. If I am a sinner, doesn’t that mean that I can’t obey God’s commandments perfectly? Where is the hope? The hope is in Christ. I don’t have to do anything for Christ, because how could I possibly do anything for the Almighty? What could I do that would impress the one that knows all and actually created life? That is where we fail ideologically.

“Doing the right thing” for its own sake is stupid. That isn’t the point of Christianity. Where is the forgiveness, a fallen man, and God’s sovereignty? It has nothing to do with Christianity.

No One Knows What Anyone is Talking About.

December 3, 2013.

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