Peaceful Inevitability

Inevitability can be a comfort.

Certain inevitabilities that I have discovered in my life have given me peace, despite the inevitable troubles that I know I’m going to face all-throughout it. If it weren’t for these inevitable truths, I would have no hope for a good life.

Truth leads to peace.

Absolute truths lead to peace.

If I was not capable of curiosity nor understanding, I would not be a happy man. I am happy when I find an inevitable, absolute truth. I would hope that all of us should be so lucky as I am when I stumble upon an absolute, inevitable, immutable truth.

The alternative is Hell: the alternative is confusion, misery, desperation, anger, despair, and ultimately you go nowhere.

You go nowhere while you are in the absolute worst spot for you to be in.

But discovering that certain things are inevitable, and being able to think about them and discover truths about them has given me a peace to which nothing else can compare.

Obviously, I’m still going to have my troubles, as we all will.

But it is a blessing for me to discover inevitable truths. I hope that I continue to gain more and hopefully, I can find something that makes me happy in this life while all the while knowing that the next one will be even better.

The two inevitable truths that I discuss are the fact that Christ has died for me in order that I may experience perfect happiness upon my death, and also how a free-market capitalist system is the only way for prosperity to occur.

Christ’s immutable life, death and resurrection was all that was needed in order for me to experience perfect, eternal happiness. And no words can appropriately describe what that means.

Likewise, while I am here, learning how prosperity occurs on the Earth, its mechanisms, its nuances, its laws and sciences: these are also things that bring me a sense of peace, because I no longer have to worry about believing lies, or not understanding how it all comes into being.

Christ’s inevitable forgiveness of my sins, my inevitable arrival into Heaven, and inevitable economic laws that allow for people to be free, despite difficulties, are blessings to me. Inevitabilities that cannot be changed, for any purpose.

Without these things in my life, I would have no sense of peace in my lifetime.

I’m certain of it, because I know what it is like to always try to live a godly life for fear of Hell, and honestly, the memories are so painful that I probably can’t remember them all. Sheer terror can’t even come close to being an appropriate description of what I experienced. Constant, never-ending fear, uncertainty: all of it was as bad as it could be. But thankfully, Christ has forgiven my sins and God strengthens my faith so that I know that it will be an inevitability, despite my fallen nature, despite my momentary relapses, despite anything that I could feel. Nothing can stop God from bringing me to faith and believing in Christ except for God Himself, but He has promised me that He will not do this, and He also gives me faith in His promises while granting me comfort, despite moments of bad feelings that will inevitably occur throughout my life and the lives of everyone else.

Likewise, inevitable economic mechanisms prevent me from fear and prevent me from ignorance that would hinder my progress here on Earth.

Understanding of economics prevents me from believing that there is no hope for material progress, or for happiness with things on the Earth, or that materials are “evil”, or from trying things that don’t work.

Economic mechanisms are the key to prosperity for people in the world, and if the progress of the world relied on whims, there would be no guarantee for anyone to succeed.

The fact that things are in place that are immutable, despite changes within an economic system, is the only hope that anyone has to succeed.

If economic law could be subjectively changed, or if there simply was no economic law, how could anyone hope to succeed? How could anyone hope to be financially and materially happy with their lives if they wanted to improve their situation but there simply were no fundamental laws governing these processes? If there were no inevitabilities within economics, how could anyone hope to succeed? How would they know how to? If economic laws could change constantly, how would anyone prepare? How could anyone take any course of action? If there is no economic law, then what is going on? Random chaos? Chance, which could lead to disaster for everyone? If there are no immutabilities within economic law, then how do any of us have a chance to succeed except for luck? If it is all luck, then what difference do our actions make? They would make little, and therefore, it would be much more difficult for us to improve our lives. But with inevitabilities, we can see what will make us better off.

Of course, we don’t always know what these inevitabilities are, but if there are none, then what is success? Is it complete chance? Is it corruption? If it is corruption, is it “inevitable” corruption? If we take action to eliminate this “inevitable corruption”, then what occurs after it? If there were no inevitabilities, then there would be no existence. There would be no gravity, there would be no oxygen and glucose, there would be no water, there would be no way to know where babies come from. If it weren’t for inevitabilities, nothing good could occur.

Of course, the problem anytime that occurs with the concepts of “truth” and “lies” is that liars lie in the name of truth, so discovering truth from lies is no simple task, and I’m not quite sure how to tell you how to know if something is true or something is not. However, there are certain inevitabilities that will occur regardless of how you feel about them, and if these things weren’t the case, we’d have no hope for goodness at all.

If all of existence, if the nature of reality, if everything within existence could be changed fundamentally, meaning that there simply were no immutable truths, life would not exist.

I know that if I swim underwater, I need some kind of oxygen.

If this weren’t always true, and my need for oxygen could change to chlorine, or feces, or urine, meaning that what makes me breathe is no longer oxygen, but these things, then I could not plan for the world.

If oxygen that I breathed no longer gave me air, because by some force of nature, I needed to breathe in water to live, I would have to happen to live near a body of water in order to survive. If all of the sudden, by forces unknown, the water disappeared, and I still need water to breathe, I could die. Inevitabilities lead to predictability, and we can’t take any course of action without some things that are immutable: that will not change without having a reason for their change.

In other words, there have to be laws, inevitabilities that control reality, or else, there is nothing that we can do, and it isn’t even certain if we exist at all, or if we ever have: nothing could be discerned without inevitabilities, and discernment is how we make our lives better.

It has been discerned that gasoline and fire cause explosions. Without that discernment, more accidents, deaths and explosions would occur. But because we are capable of predicting what will happen based on experiences, we can better prevent these things, and thus our lives are more prosperous because of the inevitability that gasoline on a fire causes explosions.

February 16, 2014.

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