“Author’s Theory on What Causes Violence in Islamic Cultures”

Author’s Theory on What Causes Violence in Islamic Cultures“.


But no, violence in Islam is caused by “polygamy”, not the actual documents themselves that call upon people to act violently. It can’t be that.

If you need any evidence of agenda pushing over facts, just look at The Blaze, apparently.

Fuck violent Muslims.

“All Muslims aren’t violent.”

They are if they’re following the Qur’an!

People only “support” this “religion” either out of terror of being attacked by it or out of ignorance to what it truly is.

If you actually read the Qur’an, you see that it’s all about violence, and that’s absolutely despicable.

I know that even though I criticize the Qur’an people will accuse the Bible of being the same way, but here is the difference.

Islam is basically a cult where if you don’t do what we say, we can kill you. And that’s the honest to God truth within their own religious documents.

It justifies all of its theories to “Allah”, and it basically just says “Let’s be violent in the name of Allah and if you don’t agree, then we can be violent to you.”

Pretty much it, if you were wondering what Islam was all about.

It’s scary that this “religion” is so popular.

If you wonder why terrorism is associated with Islam, and why people that criticize Islam by drawing the picture of Muhammad or something like that are always threatened, it’s because Islam requires that to be the case.

Fuck Islam, and fuck liberals.

Now and forever.


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