Justice and Revenge

This is probably going to get me in trouble by the pussies, but this must be said.

I’m fully aware of the consequences this piece could bring to me, and those are parts of the points.

I’m fully aware of all of the accusations that I am going to face, but I know my character and what I could live with, so I will not waste my time defending my character, even though I’m going to be called a murderer and a psychopath for this piece.

You won’t believe me, but I’ve been called these things before, leading to mountains of worry on my part (Cody, why would you worry if you aren’t one? It’s called lack of self-esteem), so now, when I get called these names, I can’t worry about if they’re right.

If I kill someone, arrest me.

But I am not going to defend my character because that simply concedes to all of these self-righteous faggot crusaders in this school-shooting media coverage world that we live in today.

Already I can hear someone saying “Wow, this reads like Eric Harris wrote it!“, and now you see why I have been called a murderer and a psychopath throughout my life.

If you fear for your life around me, that’s YOUR business.

If I kill you, that’s the POLICE’S business.

If I don’t kill anyone, then there’s not really any way that you could call me a murderer (I’ve battled fears about this my whole life, which is part of the reason why this subject is so near and dear to me).

I know this piece will be picked up and ran with by the pussy liberals and groups like “Moms Demand Action”, but that is precisely why I satirize.

Seeing them squirm in fear as I write about a murderering scatophiliac rapist excites me.

WHY does it excite me?

Does it excite me because I want to murder them, shit on their corpses and then fuck them?

I’ll let YOU decide.

If you want to maintain constant surveillance on me, then be my guest.

I want people to be safe, so if that’s what you want to do, then use your resources that way.

My goal is understanding, but fear and ignorance do not lead to understanding: they lead to action.

So if I’m unjustly handcuffed because of some people’s mass fear and ignorance, so be it.

This is the greatest cause in my life.

Now, back to the topic at hand.

Do you think I’m a murderer yet?

I hope you do.

I hope you fear me so that you quiver in my presence (I know, that’s MURDERER language, huh?)

I hope you are SO petrified that you can’t do anything productive.

Because you are proving my point: YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME.

“Ah! A MURDERER would say that when you couldn’t CATCH him!”

I’m ALWAYS going to be accused of murder, psychopathy, etc.

That’s what I’m going to have to face to stand up for what I believe in.

It is no simple task, and a younger me would have and in fact did fear that they were right.

But I haven’t murdered anyone: I’ve only merely presented IDEAS that scare them, and if scaring fear and ignorance and judgment and self-righteousness is what it takes, then I am willing to bear this burden of being called a murderer or a rapist or a pedo.

People are SO afraid of these things that they define them with fear, ignorance and self-righteousness, and that is what I condemn.

Now that I have given you a backdrop, the set-up, and some of my nature, allow me to discuss MORE of this nature, as well as diving into the point of this article.

I’ll face judgment my whole life for this, but I am not going to hurt anybody so I’m not going to worry about them.

I’m hypersensitive to justice in some regards, and I am merciful in others.

For example, I am hypersensitive to self-righteousness, fear, ignorance, and inconsistency.

Self-righteousness begins as illogicality, which uses fear to convince ignorance, and the whole system is inconsistent in that its actors are blind to its results.

Lies sound like the truth, which is why me and so many other truth-tellers have been condemned.

It hasn’t been easy, and this is a proof to me of injustice.

Now, I suppose I’ll discuss with you an example of how I view mercy, I’ll sum it all up, and then get right into the title of this piece.

When I think of mercy, I think of murderers and pedophiles.

Having a friend or a loved one murdered is a great injustice, and I certainly can’t blame one wanting to pursue the death penalty.

However, I am against the death penalty because the point of the law is to keep people safe, which life in prison without the possibility of parole does.

Purposely killing the man is overkill to me, despite the fact that I understand the victims would see this as justice.

This is just how I see it.

Likewise with the pedophile, despite those crimes are horrendous as well.

This is where mercy comes into play for me.

I feel sympathy for people that are compelled by such desires.

Already I can hear someone screaming “DO YOU MEAN WE SHOULD SET THEM FREE?!”

I do not answer such accusatory claims (another reason why I say I get accused of being a murderer).

Now, once again, now that you have backdrop, let me explain the title of my piece.

I am QUICK in the pursuit of justice.

Justice to me is exposing the self-righteous and exposing inconsistency.

I’ll be quick to do those above all else.

But if you accuse me of something that I didn’t do, VENGEANCE SHALL BE MY NAME (murder accusations from the ignorant, self-righteous, fearful right about now).

I am not even going to tell you whether or not I would be violent because your fear deserves NO quenching simply because you are so unjustified.

You DESERVE to be so afraid for being so accusatory.

YOU are the type of people that I would say I am a murderer or a rapist to simply to scare you out of your mind.

Your fear does not make me a murderer, but your fear wastes energy and your actions are unjust, so I seek retribution for your ignorance (murderer talk!).

When you are afraid of me and call me a murderer, I’ll gladly say that I am while you cower in ignorance and fear.

I won’t say that I’m not one, but I WILL say that I AM one just to crush your ignorance and self-righteousness.

Someone will bring me in for questioning, fearful and certain that I am the next Adam Lanza, and my point will be proven, even if it can’t be understood by the ignorant nor accepted by the self-righteous.

Vengeance is justified when an injustice has occurred.

Violence is only acceptable during self-defense, but I’m a FIRM believer in an eye for an eye.

If someone calls you a murderer, scare them and say you ARE one because you aren’t.

Think of your faggot religious neighbors as you do this.

If you are trying to be nice to a girl and she calls you creepy, stare at her, scare her and make her wonder because she DESERVES to feel like shit just as she made YOU feel (accusations will swirl here of rape, so I guess I’ll just have to deal with this to prove a point. Why aren’t we talking about the cunts that cry rape on a guy who is just trying to be nice to her? I don’t know. I guess it’s just this feminist culture that we live in, sadly).

Dealing with the ignorant, fearful self-righteous will be worth it in the end because truth is revealed, even if some can’t see it.

Once again, I’ll be called a murdering rapist because of this, but I’m okay with that.

MLK didn’t have an easy ride either, and it was PRECISELY because of ignorant, fearful self-righteousness: something I have dedicated my whole LIFE to raping.

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March 13, 2014.

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31 thoughts on “Justice and Revenge

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  16. themanofmanytelents

    Dude, I should read through all of this but at about half of it I felt like I should rather ask: can you please tell me what this is about I really don’t feel like reading and this seems interesting.

    1. codyalanreel Post author

      Why do you want to know what it’s about if you don’t read it?

      You’ll have to read my response, so why not read my original?

      That’s awfully lazy of you for someone who “wants to know what it’s about” lol

      1. themanofmanytelents

        Nah I don’t think so. Maybe because I didn’t have to read it 3 times. I know where you are coming from. You are proud to display yourself as weird to other people because you like yourself and know that in your heart you’re different than what other people think of you. I liked the sentence “I feel sympathy for people that are compelled by such desires.” It was interesting and made me think a little. I personally would rather feel pity instead of sympathy. I hate your big words though, sometimes I had to read things twice. Also I guess I am lazy.“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”-Bill Gates

      2. codyalanreel Post author

        I didn’t ask you to do a job though, so your use of the quote is irrelevant.

        A lazy reader will never understand any writer, which defeats the purpose of writing AND reading lol

        I understand not wanting to read though because I honestly HATE reading most of the time, especially complicated things. At least if it’s fiction.

        I guess your analysis of me is accurate, but I don’t care enough to read it and dissect it lol but I never take anything that someone says as truth if I can help it because I’m a skeptical scientist and taking people at their word is how mass executions happen. It’s nothing to take lightly.

      3. themanofmanytelents

        I usually hate reading unless it seems interesting so I guess we see eye to eye on that. The quote was just there to say that it was easier to ask than read everything. It was meant to display my reason that is all. Mass executions, that is funny actually . Made me smirk a little.

      4. codyalanreel Post author

        Why is that funny?

        I guess you don’t understand what I’m saying, or maybe you think you do when you don’t?

        Or are you smirking because you see some of the younger you in me?

  17. sourgirlohio

    I read this several times and was intrigued. I will out myself now as a liberal, please don’t hate me:) This reminds me a lot of the chaos that ensued in my teenage world when the Columbine shooting occurred. I actually wrote a thesis in college defending Harris/Klebold (pre-bullying paper on bullying…). Not a popular concept at the time. I think I understand what you are saying here, if not, I’m an ass cause I read it 3 times!

    1. codyalanreel Post author

      You’ve already read it three times? You must be a fast reader then because I just published it.

      What do you think I am saying here? I’ll be MORE than happy to tell you if you are incorrect 😀 Lol

      1. sourgirlohio

        Ha, please don’t tell any readers to learn from me! Reading it a bunch of times without “getting” it seems as bad as not wanting to finish it, or at least we ended up in the same place – needing further details:)
        I can’t seem to eloquently come up with an interpretation here. I sense the need to offend when judged irrationally, which totally makes sense to me. I’ve held many unpopular views in my lifetime (still do) and I can be nice and professional about it until you key my car and spray paint “socialist Jew” on the side of it. Then I’m going to do everything in my power to offend.
        Am I close? I don’t feel close! My theory doesn’t gel too well with the additional post you had me read.

      2. codyalanreel Post author

        The “offend” when judged irrationally is important, but it is a condemnation of self-righteousness and a condemnation of fear-mongering. The “need to offend” is the need to condemn self-righteousness and fear-mongering based on things that aren’t true by scaring them.

      3. codyalanreel Post author

        Basically, a way to sum me up is to take someone that says that Grand Theft Auto causes murder, MAKE THEM PLAY IT despite the fact that they might be terrified and crying, and then afterwards observe if they kill someone (which they won’t), and then you say “See?”

        The anger comes from their anger and illogicality based on fear that destroys good things in the world in the name of goodness, which is intolerable to me.

  18. codyalanreel Post author

    People are gonna read this and see that I used the word “rape” and see the part that I wrote about staring at creepy girls that falsely call rape on a guy and think that I’m advocating rape.

    Just another example of why I wrote this piece to begin with, as well as incorporating my views on vengeance into the piece which is kind of a separate article.


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