A short message on circumcision and the disasters of religious conservatism (they are infinite)

Circumcision is evil.

Circumcision in the Bible was meant to show that foreskin is a gift, and in the Old Testament, God was a lot more strict so circumcision was a way to show that you were willing to give up good things on Earth to illustrate that there are even more good things in Heaven, and that they are better than the good things on Earth: it did not mean that the physical body was born flawed because of sin, and that we had to cut the sin out of us; it was not meant to take away lust or meant to be used for all men from then on out to eternity.

Biblical misinterpretations become the deadliest things imaginable when concluded to their full logicality, and you don’t need to have faith to understand this. You don’t need to have faith to know that this is true: it just is, and that’s why God gets so angry about it: because it’s destructive. It is as true as the sciences. However, this doesn’t mean that we can stop it: we are slaves to our own destruction. The only hope that we have is God’s intervening grace, otherwise we would subject ourselves to our own evils until we were no more.

I’d give anything to have my foreskin back.

Sex isn’t evil. Sex is a blessing and a gift that has logical practicalities, as does everything else in the world.

There are too many things to get into as to why circumcision is bad, so I’ll probably save those for another time, but I’m just going to give a broad overview that religion should not make us feel miserable. If it does, then we probably don’t need it. If God cares about our happiness (as the religious often say, and as I believe), then we don’t need to be miserable just because life during the Old Testament was hard as Hell.

Let’s stop using the Bible as a weapon (even though I know this is a hopeless plea until Christ comes back), let’s use some logic, let’s stop being afraid of God and religion, let’s start thinking about things instead of fearing them, and stop circumcising boys because they don’t need it and you are killing their sexual pleasure, a God-given gift, which they will never get back. It affects us psychologically and it does not make us holier in the eyes of God.

(And women should have no say-so in the matter. Women that think foreskin is gross think that the male natural body is gross, and they should try vagina instead if it grosses them out. If adults want to be circumcised, fine. That’s their decision, and let women that find foreskin gross be with those men. But when it comes to circumcision, if it is legal, the man should be the one to decide since it is a forever life-altering decision for the child that cannot be fully reversed, and he has the same equipment as the child does. I honestly don’t think that it should be allowed at all, but that gets into a gray area because my reasoning behind this would be because it is irreversible harm, although I do think that it should be legal for parents to feed their kids junk food (even though it is harmful. I’ll have to provide a good reasoning for this apparent contradiction, I realize. It’s kind of a tricky legal area that I’d have to explain at some point). The real issue here is the religious illogicality of circumcision and the fact that it is done “willy”-“nil”ly (pardon the pun) when there really are no good reasons for it (it is not easier to clean: just clean it like your ass, it doesn’t make sense how it would increase your risk of STDs if you have a protective sheath for your head (which is softer and allows more STDs to get into your body than the foreskin does) , and it dramatically decreases sexual pleasure), and the downsides are horrific.

Let’s stop subjecting our children to pain because of dumb religion, false claims, tradition, and superficiality.

(If a woman isn’t attracted to foreskin, find a woman that is).

And if you say “Cody, by your logic, men shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions for their daughters if the mother is around”, if it involves mutilating part of her natural body that will never grow back, then yes, that is true.

June 24, 2014.

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2 thoughts on “A short message on circumcision and the disasters of religious conservatism (they are infinite)

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