An interesting, but discouraging revelation.

This racism obsession is eerily similar to sin obsession.

That’s not good at all.

The parallels are almost exact: constantly examine yourself, constantly strive to become a better person, everything that you do is bad and you just don’t know it, live by these strict codes, do what we, the experts of this area tell you to do.

It’s not good at all.

I hate saying that some people are hopeless when it comes to religion, because that’s the greatest pain imaginable. But sadly. I think that it is true.

I think the same is true for liberalism.

I guess that the only thing that salvages this dark situation is that people that go to Hell can at least experience good things on Earth.

That’s a hard consolation, though, when people have horrific things happen to them on this Earth, such as losing limbs or eyesight or losing a child as soon as its born, and all of the other horrible things that happen in this world.

It’s extremely difficult to truly understand, and that causes all the more troubles about these things.

It’s odd to me how some people have horrible things happen to them and other people don’t, especially if you think as someone as being a “good” person and that person having terrible things happening to them while someone you’d consider a “bad” person has great things happening to them.

would say that it is a good thing that there is such a thing as eternal justice, but then I would have to remember that I could justly be punished for that justice, so I’m in a quandary:

I consider myself to be better than other people. Even though I know that I’m not, I still consider myself to be a better person than some people. I don’t think there are many people exempt from this, and I don’t want to justify this, but I will say that I’m not going to worry about my lack of perfection. However, these differences are disconcerting to me and I don’t have that final piece of the puzzle to figure everything out just yet.

Right now, it just seems like life just fucks everyone over.

It’s incredibly frustrating to not have that final piece.

Perhaps the final piece is just rest in Christ. Rest in Christ meaning knowing that you are not perfect and that you do bad things, but you’re still going to be in the best position possible for as long as possible.

I guess that’s the only thing that can salvage this otherwise disconcerting situation.

But in my mind, it seems like this statement can be contorted by people to make themselves and others feel bad about religion, and thus, I’m back in the situation that I was before.

Death is the only reconciliation of the terrible things that happen in the world as far as completely eliminating them.

It is not a good picture.

Thankfully, there is something better on the other side, but there’s also something worse, and just that fact is enough to turn one’s stomach, even if one knows one is not going there.

Just knowing that it is there knots ones stomach in a way that doesn’t seem to be able to be untied.

I think that people going to Heaven and people going to Hell will always be the most difficult thing in existence, and there’s just nothing you can do about it, which just makes the entire process that much worse.

This also makes me wonder: if some people are doomed to Hell, are some people doomed to become ignorant? To believe lies? Why are some people intelligent while others aren’t? Why do some people usually make good decisions while other people make terrible ones? Why do some people make choices that harm them while others don’t? Why don’t some people see how harmful their decisions are, while other people have the foresight to know what will happen and decide not to do these things, like smoking? It sounds unfair, and I wish there was a way to make everyone intelligent, much like making everyone a Christian. But it seems like ultimately, there are forces at hand here that make perfection with regards to everyone always making the best decisions impossible, and I guess that is one of the tragedies of the Fall of Man.

Still, all of this is just incredibly difficult to reconcile, and I look forward to the day that I die when all of this conflict is finally put to rest for good.

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