Ignorance will NEVER die.

Some guy: “Mass murdering and genocide isn’t part of communism. In Karl Marx’s book, The Communist Manifesto, there are like 3 steps to communism. Revolution, temporary dictatorship and then communism. The dictator is supposed to set the rules of society into a socialist state and then slowly abolish private property, money etc. and then once that happens, the dictator is then removed so a governmentless society can exist.”

Me: “Who removes the dictator once he is in charge? Why would he want to relinquish his power? Communism always necessarily results in mass genocide, even if that isn’t its intention, because once a dictator is put into place, he is just going to voluntarily give up his power.”

The Reason that I Don’t Talk to People.

I’m not going to spend my entire life “teaching” others individually because I don’t want to, and I’m not “morally” required to do so.

Let’s break this apart, piece by piece:

“Abolish private property.” That means that if you own a shirt, at some point, you aren’t really going to own that shirt and anyone can take it at any time, because it “belongs to everyone.” Also, none of them can really own the shirt, but yet they all own it. This is the logic behind that argument.

“Abolish money.” Welp, why don’t we just read a little piece about what money even is in the first place?

An Analysis of my Own Anti-Business Mentality (or my Origin).

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