The point of humanity is not to make everyone else happy.

Saying that the point of humanity is to make everyone else happy is bullshit, because there are plenty of people that would be happier if I was a lot stupider, but there’s absolutely no way that existentially, I should become stupider because it is my ultimate purpose.

This poses many different “moral” (or emotional) and religious questions.

It also brings up some interesting points about love, because you can love someone despite the fact that you don’t always make them happy.


So if religion teaches us that the point of life is to love everybody, then it does NOT mean that the point of life is to make everyone HAPPY, as I was taught and as is the basis for NUMEROUS different religions and other ideas that are said to be the ultimate meaning of life, and thus life’s value (“Value in one’s life COMES from making other people happy: not anything else”) is not in making other people happy if life’s purpose is to love each other. Because loving each other does not always mean that you make each other happy, as you can love someone and not make them happy, and if the purpose of life is to love each other, then the purpose of life is to NOT make everyone happy.

This rips apart more ideas than I can count like the spaghettification of anything that falls into a black hole.

It’s also interesting that being loved does not always make one happy. For instance, think of a circumstance where someone loved you romantically, but you did not share the same feelings as that other individual. You were probably sad that you did not share the same feelings, and CERTAINLY the other person’s love did not make you happy if you did not romantically love the other person. And how often does love create broken hearts? Loving someone who then passes away does not make one happy, but nonetheless it still involves love (even if, later on, one is happy by believing that the loved one is in Heaven. Nevertheless, the love that one feels for a deceased loved one is not equivalent to happiness: happiness comes from things such as good memories, or believing that one is in Heaven, but also because you love the one that died, you are also pained, and pained is the exact opposite of happiness. Therefore, “love” does not always mean “happiness”).

My response to a girl’s question about the point of life.

I think that the purpose of life is happiness. I think that the purpose of diversity can only be understood by God Himself, unless He enlightens someone with perfect knowledge about diversity.

The Link Between Bad Advice and Morality.


Free Will Contradictions.

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