ANOTHER description of how to debate when you’re stupid.

When you’re stupid, you automatically condemn your accuser for the thing you are being accused of without having sufficient evidence to support it.

Your simpleton mind sees that some people accuse their accusers of what their accusers are accusing them of, so you think that it automatically works all of the time without being able to back up your argument, and this is what it is like debating with fools.

It’s an unproductive, complete waste of time.

The only way they can “win” is if they condemn based on things that aren’t relevant, and what do you know? That’s exactly what they do.

If you’re a stupid person, this is how you resort to debating during arguments.

How to debate when you’re stupid.


Stefan Molyneux – Self-Defense Against Idiots!

Stefan Molyneux – Fear of Confrontation.

Offend the Fuck Out of People.

(Once again, the fact that I know from experience that if I don’t link “arguments” that some people are going to interpret to mean what I discussed here is quite astonishing and depressing).

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