The idiocy of liberalism.

One thing these liberals don’t realize is that all of these politicians that condemn people for having “too much wealth” are wealthy themselves.

All of the politicians‘ talks for “equality” never seem to factor in their own salaries in comparison to those whom they proclaim to that they want “income equality for ALL Americans” (which SHOULD include the politicians by their logic, but for some reason, the public never seems to understand that the salaries of the politicians are much higher than the public‘s at large, and if they are mad at income inequality, why do they ignore this most basic instance of it?)

It’s ironic, but really it’s just a sign of the stupidity of liberals.

A sad, sad reality.

Idiocy knows NO limitations, tragically.

The only end to it ultimately is death, while education can stifle it on a smaller scale during life.

(I tend to think of Michael Moore who capitalistically makes a living off of expressing an anti-capitalistic mentality, and I accrue that my point has been taken).

(WHY did I use the terms “accrue” and “taken” in this context? I used the term “accrue”, I believe, because it sounded accurate because all of my similar ideas have been accumulating. And I use the term “taken” to believe that hopefully, someone has read this and has taken my points while I hope that they have been factually correct, as is my intention. Whether or not they are, however, is more important, and I hope that we can all figure that out somehow. That is always my only intention.

I also want to point out that someone will say “Cody, if you care so much about truth and hate redefining words, why do you give yourself the liberty to change things up?”

Here is my response. (Read this piece and don’t just dismiss it because of the title. It’s not what you think. And no, I don’t just use this link every time that I say something ignorant, as you believe. It is relevant, whether you understand it or not)).

How to debate when you’re stupid.

ANOTHER description of how to debate when you’re stupid.

The nature of foolishness. (Once again, I believe that for most people, if you are to try to use this linked article here against me for the article “The idiocy of liberalism.”, I believe that you are resorting to the two previous links above this particular link, and I believe that you’ll probably be resorting to this particular linked article afterwards.







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2 thoughts on “The idiocy of liberalism.

  1. Anonymous

    Your missing the bigger picture by engaging in the silly liberal vs conservative debate. Thats just a distraction for the simple minded which I hope you are not, but i wonder. A crucial isuue you should consider is U.S. perpetchual militarism in this country and the crippling effect on lives here and around the globe. PILFERING OF THE U.S. TREASURY

    The U.S. Military Industrial Complex is a ravenous spending machine feverishly squandering America’s most valued resources. It extracts the lion’s share of the entire U.S. Budget each year by cajoling Congress, fostering FEAR and impelling it into the DNA of America through False Flag attacks, propaganda and misinformation via a controlled and senseless media. And by all accounts the media is devoid of rectitude in their intentions. It’s disheartening to observe an overly medicated, somnambulistic American public following along with the talking heads in the media as they broadcast their mind numbing spin on world events. For it’s part, the media disregards true journalism, common sense and truth. Fortunately, there are many awakening today who have had enough and are finally speaking out..

    What is the U.S. Military good for anyway?

    The Air force was ordered to stand down while the Twin Towers were under siege on 911 even though it’s fighter jets were in training exercises just a few short miles away from the attack.

    The U.S. Military and United Nations failed to intervene when the Genocide occurred in Rwanda in 1994. Eight hundred thousand innocent and defenseless Tutsi men, women, children, and infants were brutally and savagely slaughtered by Hutu Rebel Forces in a massive modern day Genocide massacre. The U.S. Military Forces “stood down” observing the slaughter unfold before their very eyes while the United Nations debated the definition of the word Genocide to justify their decision not to act. After two months of debating Genocide the slaughter was finished.

    On June 8, 1967 The U.S. Military Naval and Air Forces “stood down” and observed the onslaught of it’s very own ship the USS Liberty, opting rather to sacrifice the men and the ship to better serve the political interests of Israel’s Zionist Lobby elite. Hundreds of Americans sailors were killed or maimed for life taking on artillery fire like sitting ducts in a carnival shooting gallery. The U.S. Military denied its faithful seamen any rescue attempts.

    Helpless U.S. civilians in Louisiana were ignored when Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast while their U.S. Military “stood down” nearby and watched the devastation on CNN as if it were a movie. America’s own citizens starved, anguished, drowned and died needlessly in the streets for lack of water, food, and protection in their homeland. The most powerful and overly funded Military Industrial Complex in World History “stood down” denying their countrymen rescue.

    Moreover, the lies and deceptions of the U.S. Military are shamefully obvious and relentless and are responsible for invasions, annihilation, terrorism, and devastation the world over. From the ill-conceived War in Vietnam based solely on the lies of the illusive attack on the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin, which later revealed never occurred, to the absurd claims of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, which never existed but was used to goad fear and rage into the mindset of the American public and facilitate the invasion of Iraq. God’s sacred gift of life was denied the victims of these contrived and senseless wars. Millions of innocent souls perished along with their dreams and their beloved posterity. Assuring Freedom is never the real purpose but rather the elixir used to control the weak minded, while the relentless mantra of Freedom and Fiat Patriotism keeps the beat, moving the illicit agenda forward. And for these amoral endeavors and criminal acts against God and humanity, the cost to the U.S. Taxpayer and National Debt is astronomical. Crushing under this burden are the futures of those not yet born and generations to come for as far as the eye can see.

    Though the U.S. Constitution mandates the U.S. Military with protecting the borders of the United States of America from enemies foreign and domestic, even this directive has been marginalized and for convenience sake relegated to the ash heap in favor of political and financial agendas. Over time, millions of illegal aliens have breached U.S. borders at will, evincing the weaknesses of the border along the way. They have made a mockery of U.S. Borders and Immigration Laws. The trails are now blazed for enemies with the inclination to navigate. Anyone trespassing these borders could be a terrorist yet the U.S. Military is conspicuously absent from all of America’s borders, mesmerized instead by fanciful phantom conflicts around the globe fueled by their coveted Treasury Guarantees of endless Tax Payer Loot… John Blanco

    1. codyalanreel Post author

      Actually, this is not a “liberal vs. conservative” debate. This is a libertarian vs. statism debate, which includes the M.I.C.

      All that you have stated is commonplace for the state, who has no profit incentive. Liberals are typically a little bit more statist than conservatives, although both are statists.

      However, it is best to pick apart all aspects of statism, an aspect of which I was picking apart in this particular piece.

      I don’t have any facts about anything else, so I’m not going to comment on that.


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