A question about the logic of animal rights.

If animals have equal rights as humans, then can we try animals that kill other animals in the wild for murder?

Or would they be too incompetent to stand trial and would thus always plea insanity?

If you say that humans and animals have equal rights, then you must believe that animals killing other animals is murder, and that they should have to go through the same legal processes as humans if they kill “someone” that is “equivalent” to a man.

If you don’t believe this is the case, then isn’t that a case of “speciesism”? First of all, if you believe in “equality“, then animals must go through this same process as well, or else you are illogical and don’t actually believe in “equality.” But if you think that animals are a special case, then they aren’t really “equal” to humans, then, are they?



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3 thoughts on “A question about the logic of animal rights.

  1. Lol

    i see this is 3 years old but: why are u so desperate for there to be logic behind everything- if u over explain anything of course it will seem illogical bottom line is some people just don’t want to kill animals why do u have such a problem with that?

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