“Libertarian communism” is a contradiction in terms.

“Libertarian communism” is a contradiction in terms, because libertarianism does not use the initiation of force, whereas communism, by nature, must (however, there are contradictions within libertarianism itself, such as the collection of taxes, which Rothbard discusses (which you can read in my description of my blog here)).

If someone does not want to give up their property for the “communist good”, then it must be taken by physical force, which is the initiation of physical force (since the one who has more than others obtained by free trade measures has not used the initiation of physical force against anybody if he did, in fact, obtain it by free trade).

Communism relies on the initiation of violence for its enactment, and that is why it is unethical.

I plan on further developing larger pieces about the logistics and ethics of various political systems, mainly focusing on the differences between anarchy and libertarianism, but I will save that for what will hopefully be a full book, which I will put for sale on Kindle eventually when I get it done.



Voluntarism and Capitalism.


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