An insight into my offensive work.

These were all from the same person. She was offended at my blatant rape jokes, and commented the following. It was in response to my really dark rape jokes, as well as her responses to one of my poems in particular called “Women.” I found the vitriol quite humorous, and thus decided to take a screenshot of it.

I’ve already made my positions clear on offensive subjects and comedy. So I’m not going to repeat myself here.

So I think I made myself a NEW fan! 😀 ❤

But these are exactly the people that is my life mission to calm down by pissing them off.

This is completely consistent with my life mission and what I’ve done so far: whenever people say offensive things, obviously, people get offended. And then they try to claim things like the person saying it is a “rapist” or whatever. This happens in video games, horror movies, etc. And I’ve known for a long time that these people were full of shit, so my life mission is to show that these people are full of shit by saying the most offensive things imaginable, so that they think I’m some type of violent monster, but of course, the entire time, I’ve never actually committed any of these crimes that they accuse me of.

That is my intent: to not allow people to blasphemize the truth. And the way that I do this is by saying the most offensive things imaginable to PROVE to people that when you are angry, upset, and trying to pursue a righteous cause, quite often you lose sight of the truth.

These are my only intentions for saying the dark things that I say.

Here was my response to her.

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One thought on “An insight into my offensive work.

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