Another liberal hypocrisy (one of the seemingly INFINITE number of them).

If liberals stress ambiguity over absolutism, why do their news outlets stress that they are “objective“?

Likewise, liberals do this in general.

Just another contradiction from them: if “ambiguity” is an “absolute”, it is an absolute, not ambiguous. Which means that ambiguity can’t be an absolute: that’s like saying that black is white.

If ambiguity is an absolute, then you can’t say that there are no absolutes.

Another logical contradiction from them.

Stressing “ambiguity” is how liberals create doubt in logical people because the liberals themselves don’t know anything, but they have to convince other people that they do, or else they don’t have anyone listening to them.

It’s almost as if they have self-esteem problems, where if people aren’t listening to them, they feel uneasy and feel as if they have no purpose in life, and so they have to get people to think they are important, so they come up with all of these illogical word games that ignorant people and fearful people latch onto.

I think it’s an interesting revelation about the Left.

It also explains why they’re so hellbent on “changing the world” as much as they are: you take a good thing and make it neurotic, as they sadly often do.


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