“Senseless” violence.

The problem with most people is that they try to make sense of senseless violence.

It is my goal to show them the senselessness of senseless violence (through art, of course), to explain to them that patches affecting innocent people never stop someone hellbent on violence, and the quicker we understand that, the quicker we can do things to actually help out people that actually work.

People are blinded by their good causes, and it is my goal in life to enlighten them as much as I can to keep themselves from failing and becoming even MORE frustrated, asking for more of the same, and taking away rights of innocent people in the process, because that’s what they INEVITABLY do (gun control, banning of “violent” media, etc.).

Logic is always the solution.

Emotional reactions are NOT.

The point is that NO one wins with senseless violence, or other tragedies that don’t make sense, and ACCEPTING that, and understanding the HORRIFIC nature of the most deplorable things IN nature is the best solution to moving ON past pain, even though you can’t EMPATHIZE with that horror.

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