WHY I make rape jokes, and OTHER offensive jokes. Here is my response to someone who was OBVIOUSLY offended.

The picture above this linked post is what she said to me. And below is my response to her.

I’m saying that in times of tragedy, people lose sight of the truth, and you’ve proven my point beautifully.

People like you do nothing to help out rape victims by making false accusations and emotionally reacting instead of looking at facts and logic. Many on the Left do this, and then they’ll blame things like video games, etc., even though most rapists don’t play video games. When people are angry, they look for the quickest solution possible, and innocent people get caught up in that. Therefore, I do not let people like you do that, even amid tragedies such as rape, in order to facilitate rational discussion instead of looking for quick, apparently easy solutions like blaming video games, etc., and other nonsense such as that, because those patches will do nothing to stop rape, and my point is to bring that up, so that people stop being stupid and looking for scapegoats just because they’re livid and genuinely want to do something.

Wanting to do good doesn’t mean that you are doing good.

Teaching that is my mission in life, and the best way to do that is to offend people as hard as possible to get their limbic system working so that their anger comes up, so that they can be exposed for being irrational in their solutions, even if their anger is justified.

When people want to solve evil, they rely on false statements, and they never ultimately fix the problem.

It is my goal in life to explain that to people by making them get angry, rally up their “change” flag, and then watch how every single thing they try falls flat on its faceAnd the people that are too blind to see that are part of the problem.

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4 thoughts on “WHY I make rape jokes, and OTHER offensive jokes. Here is my response to someone who was OBVIOUSLY offended.

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