Anger at God (but, more importantly, honest acceptance of emotions).

If you can’t be honest and open at God, including being angry at Him, then I don’t understand the point of Him.

If you can’t honestly express your anger at God if you have it, then I don’t understand what good it does to believe in Him.

If you are honestly angry at God, ignoring this for fearful reasons does not help you in the least.

However, expressing your anger at God, even if it causes fear within you, is still a good thing to do because I think that it cleanses your soul (not the Christian idea of salvation, but rather that it just helps you feel good and peaceful) and then you can move on and whatever else that needs to happen will happen.

But repressing your anger towards God can only lead to misery, I believe.

If God is loving and forgiving, and His love for humanity is eternal, why would He not forgive us of being angry at Him if it is a sin? There literally is no downside for Christians when it comes to being angry at God, or sin, or anything. Otherwise, there would be no point to Christianity.

And ultimately, sadly, that means that there is no hope for non-Christians. This is not something to celebrate, although I know that I sure do hate some people on this earth. I suppose for non-Christians, the blessings from God are the good things that occur on this earth for them, while blessings for Christians is that and more.

I think it’s naturally hard for most of us to accept our sinful nature. I know it’s hard for me to understand why I am deserving of Hell. I’m not sure if I’ll ever comprehend it, honestly. But I’m thankful that God has saved me from His wrath and has promised me Heaven, and if I can contemplate other matters while I’m here, then I’d enjoy that quite a bit as well, and also just hope for all around, general goodness in the world, despite the fact that I know its absolute will not occur until the end of the world.

Thankfully, I believe that the nature of humanity almost requires honesty of emotions, both of acceptance and of expression, and this is completely compatible with Christianity, otherwise, we would certainly be doomed to fates because of our infinite faults and transgressions.

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