Logical strenuousnouss, and mystical laziness known as “moralism.”

The majority’s practical interpretation of the phrase “I am my brother’s keeper” is that the listener should be the slave of someone other than the person speaking (more often than the person speaking, at the very least, if not constantly) so that the person speaking can be holy in the eyes of God, or because it is “loving” (or “right“), which if “right” doesn’t mean “loving” or “holy in the eyes of God“, what does it mean?

Why do something “right” if it isn’t for God or isn’t to spread love?

What is the purpose of “doing the right thing” if it isn’t a loving thing to do, nor holy, which are essentially the same things?

Why is it important to do “the right thing” if not for one of these reasons?

“Just because” does not explain anything, but rather is an excuse for intellectual laziness and intellectual bullying.

It is true that gravity attracts matter “just because” in an ultimate sense, or because God made it that way, but one does not say that just to get people to shut up. It is more understood, and therefore, more well understood, and thus “It just is” is an appropriate response on at least some level, although it raises other important questions as well, such as “Why does gravity exist? Why does it do what it does?

These questions are always important when it comes to matters of truth: truth, which many speakers profess as valuable.

Now one may say “Cody, then how can one ever know of God’s existence, because your standard of evidence is so high?”

I am not necessarily condemning the fact that something is unknown, nor that people hope, nor that they want to believe in something ultimately and completely in order to find peace in their lives.

I am condemning ones who know they are ignorant of what they speak, but, for some evil reason, they wish to extinguish the curiosity of others.

That is my biggest pet peeve about all of this.

Either because of religious fear, or because of insecurities, they tell others to “just shut up” and “just do it” “just because it is.” They are not capable of saying anything else, because they are not capable of thinking anything else.

This saddens me, because of all that they are missing out on, as well as what they are making the young ones who listen to them miss out on.

It is true that subjective desires come into play here, and some people just aren’t interested in these things.

But if subjective desires are our reasonings for the acceptance of actions, then why do my subjective desires that I have previously stated become subservient to the desires of others?

Once again, it all comes back to that mysterious intellectual laziness and bullying masked as “love“, “compassion”, and “holiness.”

In truth, it is something much different, and I believe that it has the potential to be insecurity, laziness, or just plain evil.

But we cannot base absolute philosophical truths: edicts to be obeyed by all, if any of these are prevalent in the edict’s creation.

For those of us who honestly value truth, we must use all of our abilities to discover it in the way that the truth allows us to discover it.

For us, the ultimate, objective value of truth is more valuable than laziness, confusion, and complacency.

Once again, this is not a condemnation of stupidity per se, because people have what they’re born with. However, I believe that all desires operate the same way: even condemnable ones. I’ll have to write as gigantic of a piece as I can muster to explain my philosophies about desires, and how those translate to actions, and how we can objectively determine if our desires and actions are “holy” or “good”, and where punishment comes into play here if, as I believe, we are all “slaves” to our desires, and also, what that means about our relationship with God.

However, I draw the line when the stupid start to attack: that is, not when they admit their limitations, but when they try to prevent those more (insert any objectively non-evil adjective here: smarter, faster, etc.) than them from reaching their own potential.

Therein lies the problem: it isn’t limitations upon oneself; it is the aggressive attempt to stifle the potential of others because of various, complex reasons that I take ultimate issues with.

And sadly, this is the way that most children are “parented.” But that’s whole nother issue to write about, although it is directly related to the ideas introduced in this piece.

Please read more things written on my blog to develop a more complete sense of what my philosophies are about all kinds of subjects.



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