Wake up.

If the government exists to “keep us safe”, then why do they have a draft?

It’s obvious that not all wars are just wars.

So how are we kept “safe” by being forced to go kill and risk being killed behind the point of a gun? Either way, we’re having guns pointed at us: we have the government threatening to point guns at us if we don’t go point guns at others and have those others point guns at us as well, who are facing the exact same fate as we are.

It’s obviously a perverted sense of “safety.”

Government: we exist to “protect your freedoms” by taking them away to keep you “safe.”

All it is is corruption.


Murray Rothbard – The Ethics of Liberty (one of the best objective accounts of government that I’ve ever read).



Murray Rothbard: Involuntary Servitude – Conscription.

More Murray Rothbard.

Even more Murray Rothbard.

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