Unjustly condemning ideas because of “ambiguity.”

If we can say that ideologies can be challenged by just calling it a “social construct“, then can’t we do the same thing about the concept of “patriarchy“?

And also, if the word “feminism” can be ambiguous, then can the word “patriarchy” be ambiguous as well? If challenging one “branch of feminism” (read the comments below this link) is responded to by the claim “well that’s just one branch”, can’t we say that criticisms of “the patriarchy” is just one form of patriarchy, and that it means different things to different people, thus being able to avoid criticisms from opponents by saying that “the patriarchy“is not a homogeneous blob” (once again, see comments below in this link) and that “it is composed of several different groups, each with their own viewpoints” (comments below this link), therefore, any attempt to criticize “the patriarchy” is an attempt to put all “patriarchsinto one box (comments below this link), and thus, “the patriarchy” as such can’t be criticized, because not all “patriarchs” believe the same thing, so the “monolith” (read the comments below) of criticisms are invalid?

It works for the term “feminism” (read comments below this link), and since words have different meanings to different people, who is to say who’s definition of the terms “racist” or “sexist” or “patriarchy” or “rape” is accurate or not if we all want to project our own definitions upon these words?

Leftists are both ignorant and deceitful, and I have maintained both.



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