Another Devin Stevens quote, and my response.

Devin: “The care free life is the only life. But there are sadly those who think stacking bricks is the same as feeling a breeze. This altruistic formula is so popular that I can picture the world as one long factory assembly line where every worker just passes the gifts along, constantly repressing his desire to want something too. And when it seems that he is lazily sitting down, his mind still steams and whistles about his duties. But the idea insults our morals, so we keep hammering and grinding.”

Me: “Isn’t it rather amazing what you understand when you understand that ‘work’ is only as important as what you can receive for said work, and that ‘work’ isn’t valuable as an end itself, but is rather a means to an end? That opens up your entire worldview to what life is supposed to be about, and it helps you relax, have fun and actually be happy.”


Ayn Rand.

Voluntarism and Capitalism.




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