Cliches About “Standing Out From the Crowd”. This is incredibly painful :(

If you’re wondering why there’s so few creators and innovative types, it’s because those things require individuality, and most people can’t stand individuality, although their morals fearfully require them to give lip service to these ideas which they don’t completely comprehend.

Most people are lacking in comprehension of truths. This is sad, and their lack of understanding requires them to repeat cliches that “stick with them”, for whatever various reasons, and by their nature, these cliches must be shallow because the people robotically repeating them can’t seem to grasp any deep truths at any given time.

This is sad, but this appears to be the way that the majority of the world operates.

Cliches fill the void of an otherwise unknown void, even though rarely is there any depth or elaboration on said cliches.

There’s a lot of “pieces of knowledge” taken for granted, but I don’t think there’s even a few people that even understand said “pieces of knowledge”, so I think there’s some incredibly popular ideas that are lacking in substance, and ultimately (and most depressingly), in truth.

I think that people are just walking around and not knowing what truths are, and I desperately wish that I could give them some.

I wish that our lives weren’t filled with cliches because of the unknown: I wish that we had complete comprehension, and that we didn’t live our lives based on strict rules all because of the unknown, which causes us fear.

I wish we weren’t so strict in unproductive areas and I wish that we were more strict in others.

I wish that when people talk about the value of an education, that they actually mean an education, and not a brainwashing and an ideological hammering over the head.

And yes, I do wish for peace, and that we could all get along, but the moralistic approach is fruitless, and leads to more pain than even the lack of peace does.

What this world needs, to be quite blunt with everybody, is a REVELATION. That word has been tainted by failed prophecies of poor lost, angry souls, unsure of their eternal fates in the spiritual realm, and sadly, almost all words that they have used have lost their meaning, but it is true.

The only thing that is going to give anyone happiness is that FINAL revelation. When all false prophecies are silenced for good, and all evil, destructive hate self-identified as “righteousness” is silenced.

When not only is physical pain completely eliminated from the human sphere, but when all emotional and psychological pains are alleviated as well, and when eternal peace is not just a wish, or a catchphrase, but an actual reality.

I suppose that what I am looking for, as is everyone on the planet, is that perfect, peaceful state. Many of us view that state as Heaven, and I can’t say that that would be wrong. It feels quite accurate to me as well. But I can’t help but feel that something is missing in the world, and it feels like a knife in the heart every time I feel like I’m stumbling across something dark in the world.

My own history, as I would imagine everyone else’s is as well, is smeared with religious shitstains, which don’t come out just because we say “Jesus Christ” a certain number of times with all the hopes in the world of our souls being cleansed, or no how often we redirect our minds to God, or how many fearful blessings that we say before dinner, or how often we think about God, and worst of all, about how often we examine our actions to determine whether or not we are on the “godly path.”

I desperately, desperately wish that I could explain to people that this is a complete waste of time. It isn’t because there is no God, but it is because of things that admittedly, I don’t think I can quite put into accurate words. I don’t want meanings to become simple catchphrases, as they so often have become.

There’s something dark going on around me, and it’s an ideological buttfucking. People’s minds are far from being paradisaical, and our minds are tainted with stains that we just can’t scrub out. Without Christ, we would be doomed on a level that even I don’t fully comprehend. It’s quite evident all around us, however. We can see just how messy things can become. And I really hate to say this, but it’s in our churches. It’s in our sense of morals and morality. Thankfully, there are still good things out there in the world, such as true love, including friendship, a shared human bond, etc. Those are the things that we all seem to strive for. But sadly, their reception seems few and far between. We can never just quite hold onto it forever. It slips out of our hands, or we throw it to the ground. It seems as if we are eternally damned to never have our desire for love satisfied. And worst of all, the more we try to hold onto it, the more it seems like we lose it. It’s The Quicksand Effect.

All of this is to say, on a much smaller and more personal scale, that I am extremely depressed and exhausted with things in the world. My mind has reached a point to where I can’t handle anymore inquiries, and I can’t handle anymore soul-searching, and a desire for absolute truths driven by compassion, and eternal frustration, constant flip-flopping, and other things that no doubt occur because of man’s sinful Fall. But not only do the earthly consequences of our sin weigh me down, but even good things are starting to wear me down. I have had a desire and a need to express my intelligence, and to use it to the fullest of my ability, because it has been my purpose in this life. It has been my purpose in this life to uncover as many truths as deeply as possible. And it has been exhausting work, because I am a man, and I can’t become omnipotent, although I do wish that I could be. But currently, I need rest, and no doubt soon after this is completed, I will resort back to my loving ways of uncovering truths, and experiencing pure joy and bliss from doing such. And the muck will always drag me back down until I die. There’s no way around this for any of us.

All I can do is express my originality, and all of this was merely “the first step” to doing so.

My past has been mired with suppression on all fronts because of fear-based religion. I know it all-too-well, and I see it in others still. There’s no shortage of heartstabbing, that’s for sure.

Currently, I wish for all of the pain caused by religion to be out of my life, and I hope for it to be out of the lives of others. And the process is sad, but that hope is all I have with regards to the shitstains of religion.

Not only religion, however, but also whatever this muck is that can’t be creative and logical. At first glance, it appears to be an inferiority complex. However, I’ll have to analyze theories about said phenomenon at a later time. For now, I only want to hope and pray that I can be cleansed from the pain that religion placed upon me for so many years, and pray that others can avoid these pains altogether.

And my greatest hope is that those currently trapped can be freed someday.

There’s no shortage of taintages that religion has caused in my life.

It has contaminated my every thought; my every desire; my every ability.

It’s nature is the worst kind of Hell; it feels like a hurricane or a tornado to the breeze of murder.

All I can do is pour my heart out, enjoy the honest emotions that I experience, hope and pray, but most importantly, express my creativity and individuality, because I don’t think that there is a human being alive that can experience happiness without doing such, and I think that happiness is the most important thing in life, because I honestly and truly believe that happiness is the purpose of life.

I’ll analyze that at a later time, however.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and I pray that you avoid the horrors of religion and the horrors of whatever else it is that I can’t think of a term for, and I hope that we all see each other in Heaven someday, away from both of those things and away from all of the lies, pain, heartbreak, and all of the infinite frustrations felt from failure to live by a certain religious or moral standard.

I hope that you never have to experience that ever again.

God bless you.

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