Another BEAUTIFUL Devin Stevens quote. THIS time, about education.

“I take pride that our education system promotes diversity and development of thought. You’re sure to learn all kinds of history:

1st grade- Pilgrims and Indians. Lincoln and Black People
5th grade- Pilgrims and Native Americans. Lincoln and Blacks
6th grade- Jews and the Holocaust
8th grade- Pilgrims kill Indians. Lincoln frees all Blacks with Emanciapation Proclomation
10th grade- Jews and the Holocaust
11th grade- Pilgrim diseases kill Indians. Lincoln frees most slaves.
Humanities- Pilgrims cause Native American genocides. Lincoln tried to free the slaves, but because of Reconstruction, ultimately fails.
Humanities- The Holocaust is something that should never happen again.”

Murray Rothbard – Education: Free and Compulsory.

More education.

More Murray Rothbard! 😀


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