Who OWNS our bodies, anyway?

It’s often said that people are too greedy, and are too willing to make a buck by selling anything, but then you have instances such as people that need organs, and who can’t receive them because there aren’t enough to go around.

And if you were to suggest that people should be allowed to sell their own internal organs, people would condemn that with some kind of ill-defined “morality” (“ill-defined” because there is no definition for it) and say that it is “wrong.” However, if you were to ask them “Should people be forced to give their own internal organs to people that need them?”, some would crazily say “Yes”, but most would say “No.”

But if we can’t take them from people forcibly, and there is a shortage, why does it matter if someone sells their own internal organs for money? Wouldn’t that get more people organs that need them? Or should people voluntarily give them to others? Of course, most would say that we shouldn’t force people to donate internal organs. But that hasn’t solved the shortage of internal organs needed, has it? And of course, we take for granted all of the modern conveniences created simply because people can make a buck from it. It’s not like the money is an afterthought, with doing nice things for others being the focal point: the money is the focal point, and it IS the reason that good things occur for other peoples on such a large scale as is currently the case (just look at history to see what happened before we were as advanced as we are, and of course, the advancement occurred simply for people to obtain a profitnot because of just wanting to help out other people because of “morality”, or other reasons that people say should be the reasons that we do things for other people).

If people could sell their organs, of course more organs would be donated. And isn’t a shortage of organs a problem? Then if caring about people that need organs is the “absolute”, above, even, “making a buck“, then why are people more concerned with the fact that people are making a buck instead of the fact that the shortage of organs needed would decrease?

One of the infinite examples when an anti-concept such as “morality” trumps logic, sadly.

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