“The best memories of my life”

When I was a kid
There wasn’t a thing I wouldn’t do
To make it Christmas as soon as possible

Although I knew Santy Claus wasn’t real
I still enjoyed the surprises and presents
That I knew my parents had bought for me

The magic
Was not
Real magic, as that doesn’t exist

And yet,
It was still really magical
And it still is to this day

I wish
That I could stay in that same state of mind
As I had when I was a kid

No doubt
Those were the best memories
Of my life

Is a blessing
That most of us get to experience

No doubt
Mine wasn’t perfect
But there isn’t anything that can take those memories away from me

I can only hope
That Heaven
Is reliving those days over and over again

My poetry.

My poetry collection and other writings that I have for sale.




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