Assumptions, government, and freedom.

When it comes to anarchy, most people “assume the worst”, but when it comes to government, they “assume the best.” And this is their justification for the existence of a state.

But if the basis for your side is to “assume the best” and your basis against the other side is to “assume the worst”, then why can’t we “assume the worst” for government, and “assume the best” for anarchy? Because that is the logic of their “support” for the existence of government.

This is not a discussion of any other arguments against anarchy. This is simply a simple logical question that can be answered before any other objections are raised.

This is not an answer to those objections, but is rather its own separate question that must be answered, and then other objections can be raised.

That’s how logical discourse objectively works.

Voluntarism and Capitalism.


3 thoughts on “Assumptions, government, and freedom.

  1. Joe Jarvis

    Great point. Despite the hundreds of millions murdered by government during the 20th century, somehow people think the burden of proof rests on “anarchists” to explain why we don’t need a government, when the crimes of said government are as plain as the sky is blue.

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