Self-ownership is the basis of peace.

Self-ownership is the basis of peace.

If we don’t accept the fact that each individual owns his or her own body, then we cannot have peace.

I’m also starting to agree with Murray Rothbard’s position on abortion.

I don’t have a completely finished position on it, though.


2 thoughts on “Self-ownership is the basis of peace.

  1. Rugl

    Good call. Self ownership is the basis for adherence to the non aggression principle and therefore the only real peaceful stance for one to take. I do think more needs to be pondered when it comes to a position on abortion. Rothbard was brilliant in many ways, but I think he was incorrect on abortion. I feel that Walter Block’s position is closer to correct, but only in that it seems to give more respect to the individual (or potential individual) in the womb. If your view is one that sees the fetus as less than an individual (or potential individual – i.e. someone capable of contracting with), then it is nearly impossible to come to any other conclusion than the pro-abortion camp exactly for Rothbard’s reasons. If you are considering a fetus (or a zygote even) someone that can be contracted with (because they will potentially be an adult human), then my Paleo-Pro Choice stance ( may strike a chord with you. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

    1. codyalanreel Post author

      I believe that I may have to turn my complete thoughts on abortion into either a blog post or, if it’s long enough, something for sale on Kindle.

      I want to think about it a little more before I give a definite answer, so that hopefully I can flesh out the logic a little bit more: waiting to give an answer and thinking things through, something which is SORELY lacking in this world.


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