Communists in capitalistic countries.

In order to become a successful communist in America, you need to make a living off of capitalism by spreading communistic rhetoric.

Then, I suppose, you either have to collude with government once you get what you say you want, or you finally realize that capitalism was the better system to begin with.

Only one of these two things can occur: there IS no such thing as a “communistic utopia” except for the ruling class.

All of the other logic of communism is flawed, and will inevitably lead to the slaughter of millions as a result.

Which makes the communistic attacks of capitalism, which are honestly based on envy, that much more painful to the heart.

It’s like the child leaning forward into a pit of acid, only the acid makes a big splash and burns many other people in the process.

There simply is no other result, no matter how much we genuinely care about the poor.

Envy and war are two of the constants of the human condition, and we merely see this fact playing itself out again over and over and over: historically, and it will continue until the Earth is no more.

This is, in essence, what makes the human condition so terrible.

(And, to satisfy those that will misinterpret me, of course I don’t mean to say that we live in a black hole. Of course, there are countless great things that occur. This is merely a commentary on the development of political history: it’s not a commentary on, say, the birth of your first child, or any other example you will give to try to “prove me wrong” (but ultimately is just a missing of my point)).



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