Goddamn gays.


2 thoughts on “Goddamn gays.

    1. codyalanreel Post author

      I’ve contemplated explaining what this means to people, whether or not I want to do it for various reasons, but I guess I’ll go ahead and do so.

      Basically, obviously, it’s supposed to represent the debate between religious conservatives and people who are pro-homosexuality.

      Obviously, there’s a picture of a cross, and I tried to find some pictures to “represent” homosexuality (humorous pictures, because I like humor) to show that it is essentially about that debate.

      The clip of the song that I used says “Pardon me while I burst into flames.”

      Essentially, it is about gay people accepting their homosexuality and saying “Well, excuse me for going to Hell for being the way that I am” (“Pardon me while I burst into flames”), and the title “Goddamn gays.” is simply a play on all of the religious vitriol geared towards homosexuality.

      So it’s basically about the “gay debate” and homosexuals accepting themselves for who they really are, with a little humor thrown in as well.


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