Christ-Traffic light analogy.

The traditional attitude towards Christianity is like stopping at a red light after speeding:

The red light is (supposedly) Christ, whereby you stop immediately everything that you were doing, and abide by the perfect law.

But what they neglect to inform you of is the inertia, and how violent that slamming down of the brakes can be.

Yes, speeding can create a problem, whereby you suffer greatly, but there’s no excuse to putting a red light out in the middle of nowhere in the country where you’re taking a joyride.

It’s just unnecessary moralism.

That red light creates no peace whatsoever, and, in fact, stops it in its tracks, creating only frustration where there previously was none, and where there was only peace and happiness

Peace and happiness do not have to occur only when one is at a standstill while abiding by the law, and although law has a purpose, abiding by every law in and of themselves is not what creates happiness

Are you happy because you abide by the laws, including not speeding?

Or is the thought of where you are going the source of your happiness, rather than whether or not you are driving the legal speed limit while you’re getting there?

Happiness does not come by the abiding of laws; even if the consequences of not abiding by the laws makes one unhappy, it is not the abiding of the laws that create happiness.

Happiness does not come simply because one is afraid of getting arrested all of the time.

Happiness occurs because of something different.

Happiness has its own individual source, that does not come from the avoiding of punishment, even though enjoying good things makes one happy, and even though facing the consequences of doing evil things is unenjoyable…


I’ve been obsessed with traffic lights my whole life…

For as long as I can remember…




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