Devin Stevens Goes to New York- Ch. 1 “Central Park”

The World According to Devin Stevens

During my third semester at UNC Asheville, I imagined being in New York City; I had recently been viewing pictures of Central Park on the internet while sitting in my dorm room. I daydreamed about what the park must be like. The main image that came to mind was a wide, green valley with a small, silver lake in the center, charming under a bright summer sky. This picture was born from my fascination with the Nickelodeon cartoon, Hey Arnold!. If you’ve ever seen the show, you may remember the episodes where Arnold and his friends walked down a large green park during the day, having fun and facing all too real problems. And of course, the blues music always played during every episode. It seemed that Nickelodeon was inspired by New York. And I would be too.  I wondered how interesting and soothing it would be to be…

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