Devin Stevens Goes to New York Ch. 2- “The Height of Capitalism”

The World According to Devin Stevens

Many a morning did I see Times Square in New York. But that was thanks to ABC, a very skeptical source of real-life information. Either it was Good Morning America or The View that showed looming, electric buildings advertising fast food, clothing lines, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals. You name it. Just a day before we left, the Stevens family got a glimpse of what it’s like to be in a swarm of New Yorkers.

You had two choices: either move fast or hide in a building or alley for safety. Everywhere you looked, crowds and crowds of tourists and natives flocked, blocked, crashed, stomped, yelled, laughed, jeered, cat-called, hummed, sang, or tried to stay together. Years of walking in my backyard prepared me quite well for the rush. Despite my large weight, I’ve always found it easy to move quickly. Yet you had to be careful not to trip on a…

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