Some brief thoughts about justice, as well as why I, as some critics will no doubt state, “raise hell about every little thing” and “don’t care about big issues”.

I’m very justice oriented, and I’m more forgiving of heinous crimes, where it is more difficult for me to understand what would drive someone to do some things, whereas I’m more strict on trivial manners, because I know I have the power to keep them from happening (whereas with the previous case, I’m not sure).

It’s almost like I take the justice that could go from the former and apply it to the latter. I’m not sure if justice can change someone who is too far gone, but I do know that it can take small issues and keep them from becoming big problems.

Logic dictates that if you deal with a small problem, then it won’t become a BIG problem.

Therefore, whenever I raise hell about “trivial” things, I’m trying to nip a potential larger problem in the bud.

It’s one of my greatest strengths, and I think one day, people on a wide scale will come to appreciate that about me…

Justice and Revenge.

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