Devin Stevens goes to New York Ch. 3: The Still Street

The World According to Devin Stevens

Besides walking hand in hand with a human rush, there were two primary ways we navigated through Manhattan: subs and tour buses. The subways were lengthy in that it took a while to find the correct station, and that was if we were lucky. Every time we thought we found the way back to the hotel in New Jersey, we would end up further in the Big Apple. Sometimes the tickets we bought to board the subs wouldn’t work, and our conclusion on not getting answers over the telephone is that New York has a number of ways to be a money racket. When we boarded a train, we only had a couple of seconds before the doors would chop off your legs. Crowded seats, crowded rows. One time, a Mexican band played bright guitar tunes to entertain people on the way to Penn Station. I even caught a poem…

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