Let Freedom Ring

Maybe more of these grieving black families will join us crazy gun nuts if enough black people get killed.

It’s sad that it comes to that, but the grip of free stuff is powerful indeed…

It’s sad that it takes such tragic events to wake people up to the nature of the State, but the grip of ignorance is strong indeed.

How many rights have to be violated, black and white, before poor black communities realize that the State isn’t the answer?

When are blacks going to understand that the same institution that is killing their brethren is the same institution providing them food and housing?

Is there ever going to be a day when their unjust envy is quenched?

Is there going to be a day when the truth-tellers will obtain more followers than the charlatans? Or, rather, that the influence of the truth-tellers will pale the grip of the manipulators to an inconceivably minuscule singularity?

Will racism ever decline, where whites start using some intelligence and blacks stop playing the victim to their advantage?

Are all of these hopes and wishes practical?

Or do they merely serve to serve the spirit, as so many other unrealistic hopes and dreams do?

Can these dreams that are commonly shared ever become a reality?

Or is it all just a “pipe” dream?

Is there ever going to be a time when racism isn’t taught anymore? Probably not.

Are uneducated blacks going to continually be the victims of a self-serving intelligensia, backed up by moralists who preach fear into people’s hearts about “not giving enough”, “not caring enough”, and tricking people into thinking that their self-serving agenda will actually help out the unfortunate (much of the same way that Satanic self-professing Christians do)?

I have more faith in these black communities than I do the white ones that are actually racist.

But the ones who have things to gain by preaching oppression aren’t going to stop.

The times where they are justified does not justify the times where they aren’t justified.

Perfection is impossible, so I’m afraid that these turmoils are going to churn constantly, much like the violent, horrific storms which are the very essence of the planet Jupiter…

The state of education (more education) and politics in this country is just getting worse and worse, it seems.

“Gun nuts” are some of our only hopes…

“Who will watch the watchmen” and all of these other logical questions that have existed throughout history remain questions, and remain largely ignored.

I must find a way to cope with my own conscience, which tells me that I’m not interested in biology, and yet medicine is crucial to my health and the health of others…

Surely not everyone needs to be a doctor, and surely there can still be enough medicine to cure a great many people from a great many of ills.

So can the bell of freedom toll with a smaller number of ringers?

Are the cavalcades of freedom loud enough and brave enough to speak for the whole world, and let freedom ring and reign?

History provides the only answer to this, so, only in hindsight, will we discover these answers…

Perfection is impossible, but reality exists to “degrees”: a country is “this” free, etc.

Life is one big struggling conflict, where there exists comfort and discomfort; good and evil.

The struggle will never end until the very end of the world, but I hope that there’s more comfort than discomfort to me, and I hope the same for the rest of the world as well.

I will not be able to completely stop the charlatans, but I’m going to speak out against them anyway.

I can’t completely stop racism, but I understand why people continue to discuss it.

The only problem I see with this, besides the racism itself, are the charlatans.

The charlatans will ensnare and destroy people in their wake, as they always do.

I believe I will just have to let the people drown, if they choose to follow these charlatans, and I will swim in the calm waters of peace with no regrets, as I am not responsible for the choices and convictions of others.

Despite what the Bible may say, and how it may be interpreted, we are not the moral slaves of one another.

Let freedom ring indeed.




Voluntarism and Capitalism.

The Logic of Lethal Self-Defense.


Murray Rothbard.


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