Devin Stevens goes to NY Ch. 5: “The Sky”

The World According to Devin Stevens

The thing is, my favorite part about my New York trip was the plane rides to and back from New Jersey.

Before leaving for New York, I had never been in a plane before. In my earlier years, I would’ve shunned the idea. Being thousands of feet in the air? No sir. Yet as I’ve aged, I’ve slowly gained this urge to do new things, if only slightly. I was ready to ride a plane and was tired of feeling so much trepidation about it.

After loading our luggage, we waited in line to be scanned for weapons. Ah, security. What can one say about it these days? After going through this glass stand scanning me for metal, I grabbed my valuables and put my shoes back on. You couldn’t even walk through it with them on. When I had my stuff with me again, I had this funny sense…

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