A Criticism on David’s Platt’s “Idolatry and Sports.”

The World According to Devin Stevens

The following link, I trust, will direct you to a Youtube video entitled “David Platt- Idolatry and Sports.”

If not, simply type in “David Platt- Idolatry and Sports” in a Youtube search bar and you’ll probably see a video where the popular evangelist criticizes the Christian’s “idolatrous” preoccupation with sports.

The reason I’m sharing this link with you all today is that I’d like to offer a criticism on it and share some insight concerning its teaching. On seeing this all too common scenario of legalistic preaching in the church culture, here are my personal thoughts.

I know that America’s (or at least the media’s) obsession with the controversey surrounding Tom Brady being suspended over knowing about deflated balls seems to give ample evidence of our nation’s fanatical bent towards sports. We don’t simply cheer and yell for our favorite teams. We get sucked in to their private lives as…

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