Labels and the Fear of Tyranny

The World According to Devin Stevens

As a lover of literature, I’ve always found the concept of “genre” insulting. Often, bookstore selections are categorized by the type of book they are. For example, you can find Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None in the “mystery” section of Barnes and Noble. Because Christie’s masterpiece contains suspense generated from unanswered questions (who is killing everybody in the house?), it is labeled as a mystery novel. Its plot moves as a mystery. Yet, when one learns who the killer is, and the evil reasoning behind the person’s actions, one could be genuinely disturbed. I certainly got this feeling, at least. So in my mind, the story is ALSO a “horror” tale, for it conjures negative emotions in the reader. In this sense, Christie’s book can be seen in MULTIPLE ways and not just one.

You see, in my personal opinion, the longer one is exposed to fiction and…

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