A Criticism on Jessica Rey’s “The Evolution of the Swimsuit.”

The World According to Devin Stevens

Legalism is a skunk; it likes to hide in the dark undetected, while the stars in the sky teach us to live. It prowls for trash, which it can use for its purposes. Its fur stresses only black and white. And yes, legalism stinks. Foul and powerfully repugnant.

When a person makes a seemingly innocent argument in the name of fashion, one could be easily persuaded. What I’m going to hear is merely an opinion on life, nothing more serious than that. But if you think about what is being said, you can see that more is lurking beneath the surface. Legalistic ideas often come in the guise of good intentions, claiming to help us live more spiritually safe lives; but once accepted, they can slowly hamper one’s sense of peace and relaxation. Instead of there being a few ways to die, there are suddenly thousands.

One may argue that…

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