On Slipknot and Korn: a personal comparison.

Slipknot‘s masks and music are a bit excessive.

As far as their music is concerned, they need to change it up. Slow it down. Get rid of some of their drums.

Korn, however, has a bass that I never get tired of, and they don’t play speed (insert music genre here) all of the time.

Also, the masks are a bit excessive. There’s NEIN people in the band. That’s too many for them to each have masks.

It would be different if their masks were more cohesive, like the Blue Man Group masks.

It’s almost as if they were walking down an alleyway in Amsterdam, passed a Halloween shop, and said “Hey, that’s badass!”…

And regarding Pinhead:

I would appreciate it more if they were real nails. That rubber looks r#tarded.

I know you wouldn’t be able to headbang as much, but your badassery would still be compensated by the fact you’re wearing REAL GODDAMN NAILS ON YOUR HEAD!!!

Offend the Fuck Out of People.




4 thoughts on “On Slipknot and Korn: a personal comparison.

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