Another (of the numerous) message on the opinions of others…

As often as I’ve seen masses of people misinterpret and misunderstand someone, and try to make said person a “pariah”, I really don’t know why I should give a fucking goddamn at all what someone thinks of me.

If I can ever stop caring about that stupid shit altogether, I know in my heart my happiness will increase magnifold. “That’s not a word.” I’m MAKING it a word. Use some common sense. “Tenfold” means “ten times”, essentially. The root “magni” means largeness, or scope (I don’t give a fuck if it’s Latin or not: use some common sense and analyze the prefix. If I’m dead wrong, then by all means, feel free to correct me in the comments).


I Really Don’t CARE If Other People Don’t Like My Work.



Offend the Fuck Out of People.

My work.


Intellect Equals Cockiness?




Don't make an ass of yourself for the whole internet to see. No pressure ;)

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