How my mind has always worked, even from youth, with associations…

The words “grandfather” and “grandmother” always made me think of buttery, fluffy biscuits

And, in this song, the part about “1000 walls” made me think of “thousands and thousands” of chocolate chips, as that was (paraphrased, perhaps) their marketing slogan, and the exclamation point always made me think of “1000” as well…

(Read the Wikipedia article about their 90s marketing slogan, and you can (partially) see why I made those associations…)

My mind has always been weird…

I remember specifically being in my grandmother’s car (a Firebird), and I remember which road I was on, while she was taking me to elementary school in the morning, when I first made this association in my head, as the song was playing.

I also remember, in elementary school (I think fourth grade), we went outside, and someone tried to teach us about environmentalism by making us dig chocolate chips out of chocolate chip cookies (duh; what other type of cookie would they be based on my previous description?)

The chocolate chips were supposed to represent coal or oil (I think coal), and the rest of the cookie was the “land”.

We were supposed to remove as many chocolate chips as thoroughly as we could without really damaging the cookie.

I think we got, say, $50 (not real, but as part of a calculation of the exercise determining how “well” we did) for every chocolate chip, and somehow, the damage was, say, $100 per whatever it was (I’m not sure how it was measured, but the damage was more expensive than the chocolate chips were worth…)

Obviously, that did not have the intended affect on me

I thought it was stupid then, as my logical mind thought “This is a cookie. It has nothing to do with drilling for oil.” (I guess my “logicality” is selective, as many times, I’m illogical for the sake of absurdity (or, sometimes, my mind and memory does weird association shit)).

(Oh, yeah: as I recall, I didn’t do too well in the “calculation”, but it was a goddamn good cookie…)

I never cared about science in school

Well, at least not things that were related to space

“Earth” science, chemistry, biology: all boring. (I would like to get into physics at some point, if I ever find the time in my busy creative schedule (exhibit A, B, C, etc…)

I only cared about science after school, meaning long after I graduated, where I could provide myself a philosophical basis first, with more of a “meaning of lifedevelopment, and then get into the (honestly) less important laws of physical phenomena

It kind of meant nothing to me without that “mean”ing of life thing


Kids and education.



My FAVORITE childhood sports memories, particularly baseball (not exhaustive). It’s writing style feels VERY poetic: my style ❤ My style reminds me of “A Christmas Story.” Read it, and you might agree. I know you will love it, but you CAN’T as much as I do. Enjoy.



More logic.


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