Sex without a foreskin.

Sex is pretty much pointless without foreskin.

A large part of the appeal of sex is the physical pleasure (duh).

“There’s more to sex than physical pleasure, Cody. There’s the emotional connection.”

Tell that to all of the women who have never had an orgasm before, but are still in otherwise successful relationships. There are probably many women who are ok with never having an orgasm, but there are also many women who are not ok with that, and some (female scumbags) will cheat, while others will keep their problems regarding their lack or orgasms or lackluster sex to themselves, so that most people (including their partners) will never know of their unhappiness regarding their sexual lives…

“But wait, Cody. You can still cum without a foreskin. You can have an orgasm. So your argument is invalid.”

Let’s remove part of the clitoris (instead of the whole thing, like they do in barbaric African countries), and as long as some liquid comes out of her, we can justify it.

Thinking about all of the sexual pleasure I’m missing out on just makes the pleasure I do feel emotionally hurt.

Thankfully, my sex drive has greatly reduced since I have realized this, and my prior prayers pre-revelation were answered, although not in a way that I expected (that’s typically how answered prayers go).

It’s absolutely not fair, but I can’t change it, no matter how unjust it is.

I’ll just have to adjust my life and live with less sexual desire…



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