I think I’m just going to try to stop copying what I like about the work of other people and am instead going to take a bigger risk, and just become consumed with blazing my own trail

I’m tired of comparing my content (and “success”) to other people who create things.

It’s honestly hindering my creativity, and that’s leaving me unhappy.

But if I can find more confidence to be completely individualized in my art (obviously, everyone is influenced by someone), then I think I’ll be happier.

I just want to churn out a bunch of shit, even if no one else “consumes” it.

I don’t know why. But it just makes me happy to DO things.

And instead of looking at someone who has a level of success that I want, and emulating those things about that person that I enjoy, I’d rather have more independence and ambition about my own creative vision, even if it never gets me to that level of success that they have (their success which I visualize in my own head).

I’m tired at looking at the wide variety of content among “successful” people and not COMPLETELY doing my own thing, even if it hasn’t been done before or even if I DO like the work of other people.

It’s just unsatisfying to me now…

I’ll have to figure out a way to deal with my perceived failings along the way, but I don’t think those perceived failings are going to make me quit creating content altogether.

I want to have an audience, but I don’t want to connect with them beyond the art. Creating the piece and having them react to it is enough: I don’t need anything else. And selling said art is very nuanced: I don’t give people what they want because they want it. If I give someone what they want, it is only by chance, and because I wanted it first.

I realize this will make it much more difficult to market my work, but that’s ok. Creating work that would be easier to market wouldn’t make me happy in the least.

And I LIKE the challenge of finding people who like my work which I like.

It gives me something to DO, keeps me from being bored, and gives me a great challenge to undertake…

I don’t know WHY I do these things, but I just do…

When I get bored, as I constantly do, this is what I fall back on: creating things…

I like consuming the works of others as well, but creating things myself makes me feel more accomplished and more productive.

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