The Dark Cloud

There are some people of a serious demeanor who have such constitutions as to allow them to tackle tragedy with soldier-like courage; who, unblinkingly, stare at the fiery, horny behemoth, whose black, hateful heart, tears, rapes, kills, and tortures mercilessly, laughing all the while, and enjoying and reveling in every moment of it…

…I have no such constitution.

Humor is my only coping mechanism; the only thing that keeps the swallowing death of horror from overtaking me.

My brain cannot ignore horror.

I’m too smart of a person to ignore it. I’m intelligent enough to realize its existence, although I’m happy that it all does not all emotionally engulf me (it does enough damage as it is when it gets stuck in my head).

My almost-near constant awareness of the blackness is of such a reality that if I was a completely serious person, I probably would have killed myself years ago. The horror is, all too often, quite real. Although my experience with personal horror is so little that I can say that I’ve never actually experienced it in my life, my almost overly-empathetic nature causes me to stress over other people’s problems at an almost lightspeed constant.

It’s hard to ignore the monster in the closet that you know is there…

I’ve probably always cared too much about people, which makes me thankful that, as an adolescent, I decided to be more apathetic. It was, quite literally, another coping mechanism (in addition to comedy). However, I could never totally let the horror go, because it isn’t in my nature. Once again, I’m too smart to become oblivious to the horror. So I express my awareness of the horror through art and comedy.

Comedy keeps me happy and helps me deal with all of the horror in the world.

The dark pieces of fiction that I create are my ways of being serious about the issues, but I choose to express through fiction (which is way less serious than actual horror) instead of seriousness to keep the evil from weighing heavily on my mind…

And then, that’s when dark comedy comes into play.

The horrible stuff in my art is my way of addressing the issues, while the comedy that often intertwines with the horror in my pieces of fiction is my real-life coping mechanism for the real-life horror that I discuss in my fiction. The subject matter is real, as is the coping mechanism, but the expression and interpretation is, obviously, fictional.

Although I do have my serious moments, and I have my moments where I seriously stand up for something to make a serious point, I simply can’t handle fronting a constant frontal of serious, chivalrous righteousness…

Offend the Fuck Out of People.

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