“The Sea of Colors”

Vex not Thou the Poet's Mind

I wished to understand life.

holding the chisel that
every thinker holds,
I scribbled,
and bled,
my thoughts onto future runes.

Yet one day,
I pushed the piercing pencil too hard,
aimed poorly,
and accidentally
cracked my skull.

And then I saw:
I was drowning in a sea of colors,
a liquid rainbow that
makes up our minds even
as it causes them to
split apart.

My hands reached for sanity,
some calming life-buoy,
admist the voices.
Oh the many voices!
The perpetual pleas and furious roars,
the angelic solos and demonic dirges,
the stubborn encouragements and somber warnings
that clash like sword strikes without
and from within.

Then I heard a shout ring
inside the dark canopy:


I saw a long chalk white canoe floating,
white as light,
white as hope,
its glowing oars bearing
the handprints of past men of faith,

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