“Saturn the Intolerant”

I really like this poem 🙂

My poetry.

Gravity and space.

Vex not Thou the Poet's Mind

It is a pity that he,
sixth in line,
would be born
with not much of a rocky brain.
So sad,
for his head,
full of gas,
can only poison the atmosphere.

I’ve tried looking into his soul,
but there are no window eyes;
only vicious winds of methane
blowing in anger.
To defend himself against stupidity,
he surrounds his mind with cold dust,
rings to keep himself rational.

He orbits in hatred,
for sunlight hardly visits him;
if you ever see a golden light
in the night sky,
be cautious,
for the glow
is the show and tell
of arrogance,
wishing to be the sun,
the center of the universe.

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